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We invite you to meet the most wonderful family dog you can imagine:

The Australian Labradoodle.

We get to share our lives with these friendly cuddly bears. Do you also want to add such a fantastic buddy to your family? Then read on quickly.

About us

We live with our dogs in a wonderfully quiet place in beautiful Catalonia. Here we can enjoy all the joy that these special dogs bring every day. Our dogs can run, jump and play to their heart's content here. We are grateful that we can experience the entire process every time, from the start of a new life to the puppies going to their new homes.

It gives us great satisfaction and joy to see other families grateful and happy. This starts with the first visits and choosing the new family member. With us, you will be included in the entire experience from the very first moment. We will keep you informed about the pregnancy. The ultrasound and ultimately the birth. From the first day the puppies are born, we send photos and videos every day so that you can experience the entire process and see how the puppies develop.

Puppies and mother may receive visitors from four weeks of age. We always look forward to this because we can share our puppies with the new families. It is usually possible to choose a puppy from four weeks of age. Only if a puppy goes to a fellow breeder or if there is a request for therapy dogs, you will have to be a little more patient in sorting things out. The older the puppies are, the more you can say about their character, which is why we want to wait a little longer before choosing an assistance dog or breeding dog. From 8/9 weeks the puppies can move to their new family.

Our two most important breeding goals are health and behavior. To ensure health, our mother and father dogs are rigorously tested by independent veterinarians. Only dogs that pass all tests with excellent results are allowed to have a litter with us. All tests can be viewed at our home when you come to view the puppies.

Our dogs are tested for the following conditions:

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

  • Elbow dysplasia (ED)

  • Patella Luxation

  • DNA
  • ECVO (eye test)

All our puppies come with a 24-month guarantee on hereditary conditions.

Our mothers have a maximum of three litters, with at least a year between litters. We do this so that the mothers can recover sufficiently. It is not permitted to breed with our puppies, so all our puppies receive a contract with a castration obligation.

In order to maintain the friendly and gentle character of the Australian Labradoodle, we take great care in selecting the father dogs with whom they can go on dates. Our puppies grow up in our living room. This ensures that they leave for their new homes well socialized. It is a celebration for our children every time puppies are born. And our cats also enjoy these little cuddly toys.

We are members of WALA (click on the WALA logo to read all about this great association).

All our puppies are bred under the regulations and statutes of the WALA.